Fresh Promise

The country of Guinea is said to be one of the most important growth areas in Africa, partly due to exemplary agro-ecological conditions.  The proper soil composition, abundant rainfall, sunlight, and elevation make for the ideal terrain to grow rich pineapple, mangoes, coconuts, jackfruit, papayas, cacao, and avocados among a host of other plants. 

It is important to us that fruits are picked at their peak ripeness and delivered to you with the same integrity, with no additives and reducing the amount of touch points along the way.  This is why we are comfortable providing full transparency into the process and means we: 

  • Have a direct relationship with our farmers, knowing the details about who they are, what they are growing, how much they grow and where they are located
  • Process in our own facilities built on the farms from which we source our food, to the highest quality standards 
  • Transport directly from farm to the U.S. on the most direct route possible from the facility to the port over sea to a local destination
  • We work with experienced packers locally that understand the specific requirements to guarantee freshness and well trained in quality control
  • From there it is delivered fresh to your door