Who We Are

We are from Guinea, home of the world’s finest tropical fruits.

Sweet, juicy mangoes, and native pineapple varieties grow right in our backyard, where smallholder farmers cultivate their seasonal harvests.

We are fighting food waste and boosting farming potential.

Guinea’s tropical fruits grow so plentifully that smallholder farmers produce more than they can market and sell. As a result, over 60% of domestic production goes to waste every year. This is a far cry from 1960 when the country was the world’s leading producer of bananas.

We manage a local operation that is designed for global consumption.

Only the best-quality tropical fruits are selected at peak ripeness before being brought to our state-of-the-art processing facility for dehydration.

We have built an international community for global citizens.

By creating employment at home and more affordable access to high-quality products abroad, we are helping to improve the livelihood and health of everyone who comes in contact with our operation. This global network is built on our core values: integrity, innovation, reliability.

Our Story

Tropicaux was founded by first-generation Americans of Guinean descent who wanted to help revitalize Guinea's horticultural sector by bridging the gap between global consumers and rural growers of tropical fruits.

As Guineans, we intuitively understand and advocate for the needs of smallholder farmers.

As Americans, we understand the demands of running an efficient global operation – which include addressing the needs of everyone from our health-conscious consumers to our multi-national partners.


We work with smallholder farmers to pick the world's best tropical fruits at their ripe, nutritional peak before washing, cutting, and drying them at our state-of-the-art processing facility. Then by selling the finished products directly to consumers, we can ensure that each customer enjoys the freshest, most naturally-sweet fruits, packaged conveniently for their busy lifestyles.